Robotech: The Macross Saga


In the year 1999 a myterious craft crash lands in the pacific and comes to rest on Macross Island. 10 years later the citizens of Earth, after calling a cease fire to the on going wars and collaborating together, have restored the gigantic battle cruiser and a preparing for it’s maiden flight. Meanwhile near the planet Jupiter a massive gravitational disturbance has been observed. A disturbance similar to when the newly christened SDF-1 arrived in our solar system, only this one is immeasurably larger.


This campaign is designed to run along side the original plot of the Macross Saga. Players will interact with main characters and participate in the main story events. Each session will begin with the players watching an episode of Robotech that covers the previous play session, with most sessions designed to mirror the episode but from the players point of view and not the main cast.

Even though we will be following the main storyline, there is still plenty of room for growth, personalization and unique stories. Robotech is a story of how humans cope with a war trust upon them by an unknown enemy with vastly superior numbers (if not technology). Already the previous players have made their mark on the campaign by establishing relationships with NPCs and even a wedding. That wedding hangs in the balance though as where we pickup the campaign finds newly wed husband, Nikolai Romanov (PC), with a choice between operating on his critically injured wife, Niabe, or the equally injured Britany, baby sister of his good friend Gabe Vorn Schrek (PC).

Game System

Robotech: the Macross Saga will use the Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed rules with the Mecha & Manga suppliment. All characters will be PL 5 with the Mecha as free Equipment around PL 10.

All original content is © 2005-2010 Bradley Bristow-Stagg, released under Creative Commons. Mutants & Masterminds is © Green Ronin Publishing. Robotech is © 1985-2007 Harmony Gold USA, Inc.. Macross is © Tatsunoko. Rank and insignia images © 1996-2010 by Jason W. Smith.

Robotech: Macross Saga

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