United Earth Defence Forces

SH-62 Sea Sergeant Helicopter / HH-62 Supply Sergeant

Four seat, all-weather, Non-Variable ASW/Heavy Lift Helicopter

Technical Data

SH-62 Sea Sergeant

Equipment Type: general purpose medium lift helicopter
Government: U.N. Navy
Manufacturer: *Siokorvsky
two pilots plus passengers
Dimensions: unknown
Mass: unknown
Power Plant: one rotary engine
Design Features: pilot/operator two seat cockpit; large radome.


SH-62: 4 x Self-Propelled Torpedoes mounted on left/right pylons.
HH-62: None

Description and History

A twin engine medium lift helicopter, the Siokorvsky Sea Sergeant is a general use craft for the U.N. Navy. Armed with four air dropped self-propelled torpedoes, the Sea Sergeant can be used to attack targets above or below the water. The Sea Sergeant is also used as a navy reconnaissance craft and a search and rescue vehicle. When Space War I began, the Zentradi landed numerous mecha forces in the sea surrounding Souht Ataria Island on Earth. Quick thinking First Lieutenant Misa Hayase ordered patrol helicopters dispatched from the Prometheus to scout the area. Patrol helicopter PHP-202 reported contact but was unfortunately shot down.

Production Notes

Debut: Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Episode 2
Crew: no notalbes
Other Appearances: none.
Original mechanical designer: Studio Nue


Robotech: Macross Saga BeeJay