General NPCs by first appearance


Lonnie Brubaker – Tough guy, arrogant, people are to be used.

2 Marines in AAR-II Recon Vehicle

  • Driver – Sgt Dwight “Yokeham” Sunder
  • Gunner – Gunny Harrison Clayts

Flight Instructor

  • Lt Raul “Saint” Lopez – Mexican born, average height, wiry body,

Love Interests

Alexander Foyle – Jeenie Lohan (Nurse)

Nikolai Romanov – Niambe Zana (Afro-American Catapult Officer)

Selena Ripper – Silas “Silent” Neuman (Mac II Monster Captain)

Donald Flask – Content Not Found: bianca-nowles (Mars born – Sera Base – blonde bombshell)

Other NPC’s of note.

Sgt Mary Contraine – Marine Liason to CVS Prometheus. Says she “knows” Silas “Silent” Neuman

Dr Hans Von Zurich – Doctor of Medicine and may hope a certain hope for Niambe. Currently based in Switzerland.

Dr Joseph Banks – Intern doctor with Nikolai during His internship with Macross General. Now aboard SDF-1 as one of the Doctors of the new Macross General in Macross City aboard the SDF-1. Operated on Niambe during “Aftermath”

Dr Bell – One of the senior staff at Macross General

Dr Jennifer Louisa Grey – One of the senior staff at Macross General. Suggested to Nikolai that Dr Von Zurich in Switzerland might be able to help Niambe.


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