House Rules

Hero Points

Extra Hero Points can be earned by participating in the Campaign Website (what you’re currently reading).
Action Hero Point
Write up the previous session in the Adventure Log 2
Write up a background for your character 2
Contribute to any of the wiki pages for places on-board the SDF-1 or Earth 1

Character Creation

ALL RDF Pilots start as PL 5 with 75 Power Points

The following are requirements in order to pass RDF Veritech Pilot School.

Character ability stats capped at 16

Suggested spend points on reflex saves

Base Defense and Attack (BAB) at 3 max 5 for PL5 characters, can spend points on feats to indivudaly increase melee and ranged attack cheaper than BAB.

Note when in mecha a Misc value of +4 should be added (mecha dependent)

Max purchase of skill ranks is +10 this does not include bonus points from stats/feats/mecha Pilot skill Min 6 for passing Veritech training (higher the better!)

Computers skill Min 4

Knowledge Tactics Min 2

Feats – required Mecha Weapon Proficiency (RDF) & Mecha Pilot Proficiency (Veritech) Note Attack focus Melee or Ranged or Attack Specialisation can be used as an alternative to increasing your BAB

Required Envionrmental Adaption Zero G

Suggested Quick Transformation 1 – for standard action, Max 2 – for Move action

Powers by negotiation with GM

When adding template

Change Size to Gargantuan

Change Power Level to 10

Add Misc +4 to Base Def and Base Attack

Adjust Base Strength & Con to 10

Add Attack Type Gu-11 showing to hit with all attack specialisations

House Rules

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