Call Signs

“White Tiger” : call sign for Prometheus Departure controller

“Golden Eye” : call sign for one of the SDF-1’s defense controllers

Fighter Direction Codes

“Knockers up” : engage armament switches, radar systems, homing equipment, warning equipment, and all offensive and defensive electronic warfare systems.

“Buster” : directs an aircraft on an intercept to use full military power.

“Ninety-nine (squad name)…” : call to all aircraft in group

“Tallyho” : pilot has spotted enemy units

General Terms

“Tits up” : aviator’s term for “unserviceable/out of order.”

“Gripe Sheet” : log of aircraft malfunctions maintained by pilot and handed to aircraft captain on mission end.

BARCAP : Barrier Combat Air Patrol Wiki entry for Combat Air Patrols

RATA : Reconnaissance and Threat Assessment mission. Generally flying escort to a Cat’s Eyes Recon


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