Robotech: Macross Saga

11 Space Hulk
All alone in the night.
10. Aftermath
Licking the wounds

During the Zentradi Attack

Corporal Kyrano managed to take out 3 Gnerl fighter pods simply by outflying them and would have been commended by her squadron leader had he and most of her squad not been wiped out in the engagement.

Lance Corporal Kirk “Sharky” Lazarus dispatched two Tactical Battle Pods before taking a large hit that set off one of his missiles that was armed and had failed to deploy from the right wing, blowing him “out of the sky”. He was however able to eject safely and was later picked up by Search and Rescue operations after the sortie.

Lance Corporal Dieter “Dusty” DeGroot took out two Tactical Battle Pods and was looking for more to engage when the Zentradi mysteriously retreated.


Nikolai stands in the ER and is suddenly faced with perhaps the worst decision in his life. Stretched out on two gurneys in front of him are his lovely new wife whom he had just married mere hours earlier before the Zentradi attack, and little Brittanny Vorn Shrek, little sister to his squad mate Gabe “Donkey” Vorn Shrek, both of them in life threating conditions. Not knowing what else to do, Nikolai calls for a nurse to get the O.R. prepped for two surgeries, thinking that he’ll just have to operate on both of them.
Thankfully, just as he is about to move them, another young doctor, Content Not Found: joseph-banks comes over to assist him, they both leave for the waiting O.R. after the nurse returns and informs them that it is prepped and ready for them.

Gabe commandeered a car and drove frantically to the hospital after being told that his sister had been badly injured and taken there earlier by paramedics. Once he arrived in the ER he saw his friend Nikolai disappear around a corner, two gurneys in tow and little Brittanny was on one of them. In a stroke of shear desperation to help his little sister Gabe managed to swipe a set of surgical scrubs from a nearby closet and boldly walked into the operating room and moved to assist Nikolai as he worked on Gabes’ sister.

Nikolai desperately wanted to be working to save his wife’s life, but Joseph had reminded him that it was against the Code of Ethics to work on close family members and that he would perform the operation on Niambe. In this case, operating on Brittanny was safer than his wife.

“Doctors should avoid treating family members because both care and relationships can be compromised. Similar caution and professionalism when treating close friends should be exercised.”

After several hours of surgery, both Nikolai and Banks finish and their patients sent to the recovery ward. Nikolai soon learns that while Brittanny is expected to make a full recovery, his wife Niambe is in a coma and barely hanging on to life. After inspecting Niambe’s chart and making some notes on possible treatment he grudingly is herded out of the hospital by Gabe and driven back to Max and Linas’ restaurant. When the duo arrives at Max and Linas’, they find the out of all of the decorations for the reception, only the cake remained standing, untouched, undamaged. The two figures atop the cake a sombre reminder of a perfect moment. Gabe mentions to Minmei that Niambe was in hospital and that Nikolai could do with some cheering up, which she attempts to do in her own way but ultimately she leaves the boys with her Uncle as they start to drown their sorrows. Nikolai eventually passing out after Max brings out a bottle he’d been saving for special occasions.


During their debrief, Tin-Tin, Dieter and Kirk learn that most of their squad mates perished in the encounter with the Zentradi and that they are being transferred to the 71st VFS “Screaming Eagles”. Transfer would take place the following day and they were to report aboard CVS Prometheus by 0800 to give them time to stow their kit as mission briefing was scheduled for 1000 and deployment at 1100.
Transfers between branches of the Robotech Defence Forces were rare but these were extraordinary circumstances and so, for perhaps the first and maybe last time, pilots of the UN Spacy aboard the SDF-1 were transferred to a UN Navy Squadron aboard the CVS Prometheus.

Nikolai and Gabe report to the Squad room and are introduced to their new squad mates. Deploy for BARCAP.

Alexander “Animal” Foyle MIA – did not return from sortie with Zentradi.
Selena “Jack” Ripper AWOL – Returned but has not reported for duty.
Sgt Mary Contraine “knows” Silas
Nikolai tries to call Selena but no response. Sends txt to Sonja as to why Selena might be AWOL
Shark manages to fleece $550 in a card game during the last round.
Dusty found that most people were negative to them as they were not true Navy pilots.
Shark calls contacts to get bandages and supplies for rec room after asking XO about Logistics Chief position in Squadron

Whilst on BARCAP squad picks up sensor readings from what appears to be a derelict Zentradi scout frigate.

09. Wedding Day
Someone's getting married

Nikolai and Niambe tie the knot in a ceremony presided over by Cpt. Henry Gloval himself. Shortly after they newly wed couple kiss the Zentradi launch an attack and everyone scrambles for action stations.

After a field promotion during the Mars sortie Nikolai leads his fire team in the defence of the SDF-1 with the other members of the 71st VFS.

In the aftermath of the attack our valient Veritech pilots return to help the cleanup in Macross city after a new type of Zentradi Power Armor was able to breach the outer defences and wreck havok inside the space fortress.

Nikolai heads to the hospital to help with the wounded and shortly after arriving is confronted with his wife Niambe lying on a gurnie in desperate need of attention and beside her, little Britanny Vorn Schrek in a similar condition.

08. Blind Game

Ordered to fire a warning shot across the bow of the SDF-1, Khyron takes matters into his own hands again. The blast knocks out the radar tower of the giant spacefortress. The stress of constant battle has already taken its toll on the SDF-1, and much of the sophisticated electronic equipment no longer functions properly. The aliens make contact with Captain Gloval, demanding the ship’s surrender. Gloval retaliates by planning a new defense.

Lisa Hayes volunteers to pilot a radar vessel into Zentraedi-controlled space under the protection of Rick Hunter’s Vermilion Squad. The defense of the ship is more important than ever. The bridge crew has received a disturbing first transmission from Earth. The United Earth Defense Headquarters has forbidden the SDF-1 to return. Earth defense has calculated that the Zentraedi are more interested in the battlefortress than they are in the planet itself. As long as the SDF-1 remains in space, they are certain that the aliens will stay there, too. It’s superficial reasoning at best; however, the spacefortress is now the only home the troops and the 70,000 residents of Macross City have. Lisa knows it must be protected!

07. Miss Macross
The Miss Macross competition

The citizens of Macross City hold a beauty contest to boost morale among soldiers and civilians alike. Lynn Minmei is one of twenty eight eager and attractive contestants chosen from nearly four hundred applicants. Minmei’s charismatic charm has already made her the darling of the SDF-1. She wins the title of Miss Macross hands down and becomes the official Queen of the City.

06. Sweet Sixteen
Minmei's Birthday

Everyone has been invited to Minmei’s birthday party at the Chinese Restaurant.

05. Mars Attacks
Bye-Bye Mars

Previously on Robotech

RnR Big Vollyball championship where our heroes narrolly came back from an initial 13-0 to finish 19-20 Vs their rival from the first episode.

Prelude to Mars

Our heroes find themselves in a gigantic furball engulfing the SDF-1. They are all at half MDC, Half Ammo for the GU-11 and only 2 missiles left each. The battle has been going on for hours now with no sign of abating.

Minmei’s Invitation

Everyone gets an invite to Minmei’s Sixteenth birthday party for next week.

Mars Debrief

The Veritechs must protect the supply line as the SDF-1 replenishes her supplies from Mars Base Serra. A Company of Destroids, including two MAC II Monsters, will form a corridor from the supplies depot to the Daedelus. It is the Veritechs job to secure the base before the Destroids arrive. Therefore the Veritechs will launch from their usual places onboard either the SDF-1 or the Prometheus, fly to Serra Base, transform to Guardian mode, recce the area and finally transform to Battloid mode and secure the base.

h2.Disturbance in G-Sector

After the base has been secured 1 team will be sent to investigate a disturbance in G-Sector. When they arrive they will have to make a successful Read Sensory Instruments roll to find a human hiding behind some creates. It’s is a female civilian from the SDF-1 who has managed to commandeer a jeep and EVA suit. All in the Team must make an Intelligence roll now at -5 to see if they remember that they’ve seen this person before, if they make the roll someone may remember seeing “Trump” with this girl at some point, otherwise they don’t know who she is, only that she must be taken back to the SDF-1 and handed over to the MPs. As they are deciding what to do Kyron attacks.

Mars Attacks

The players are able to call on an Artillery Strike from the MAC II Monsters if they make a Read Sensory Instruments and Radio Basic roll. If they succeed then the MAC II (Selina’s Boyfriend) will fire directly on the targets if they fail they may get caught in the blast, and an NPC will die. After the MAC II has fired, Kyron will concentrate his fire on the Artillery units with his Heavy Artillery Pods, this causes the MAC II to call in support from the Veritechs. They won’t be able to respond directly as they are pinned down themselves. The MAC II calls again for assistance. The players have a choice; they can run the gauntlet to the MAC II or stay where they are. If they run the gauntlet then another NPC will die.


Capt. Gloval give the order to retreat after heavy losses. The Veritechs must now protect the Destroids as they return to the Daedelus and at the same time draw the enemy onto the Base. To this end everyone will route through the centre of the base thereby drawing the maximum amount of enemy pods onto the base itself.

04. RnR

Previously on Robotech


[Interior of Zentradi Command Ship]

Breetai stands as usual in the confines of his command bubble aboard his massive command ship with his advisor the diminutive Exadore. They are studying footage of the Battle of Saturns Rings.

Exedore: “It seems perhaps milord that we have underestimated the resourcefulness of these micronians. Surely this tactic they used was born of desperation, but unfortunately it was supremely effective.”

Breetai: “Yes Exedore I must agree. At first I thought these micronians as nothing and certainly did not think they would give us this amount of trouble. But no matter, I am beginning to enjoy this game we are playing.”

A faceless Zentradi soldier appears before the commander on a large viewscreen in front of the replaying vision of the Daedelus smashing into the Zentradi Cruiser.

Zentreadi: “Lord Breetai, forgive me but Commander Zareen wishes to report.”

Breetai: “Ah yes Zareen, I had almost forgotten about him since being caught up with these micronians. Very well, put him on.”

Zentradi: “Yes My lord.”

The Zentradi’s face fades and is replace by that of Commander Zareen. Jet Black hair and light purple skin would look amusing to most humans if it were not for the stern and sharp features of that face. A raw puckered scar runs across his face from just above his nose, across his left eye and curling around his cheek to end just before his chin.

Breetai: “Ah Zareen have you been successful in your assignment?”

A wide sneer grows on that hard face.

Zareen: “Yes my lord. Most successful.”

After Saturn

It is a month after the Earth forces of the SDF-1’s first exciting victory against their relentless pursuers. The SDF-1 and her valiant crew are now half-way to Jupiter as they head back home to Earth. Things have been rather quite since the battle and this has lulled the crew into a slight sense of ease.

A four on four volleyball competion has been organised between the Veritech and Destroid pilots, namely Army & Marines Vs Navy & Spacy.

03. Blitzkrieg

Previously on Robotech

The members of the newly formed 71st VFS “Screaming Eagles” had their first encounter with the Alien Marauders.

02. Graduation
The Long Wait, Transformation

Previously on Robotech

In our last episode Selinia, Alexander, Gabe, Donald and Nikolai met for the first time amid the short-lived festivities of the launch of the SDF-1 on Macross Island. Without warning the giant space cruiser fired it’s main gun, burning a long furrow straight through the island and continuing on into space to destroy two Alien Scout Ships entering Earth Orbit. This was the start of the First Robotech War! Amid the ensuing confusion our heroes manage to make their way to the shelters, whilst being chased by the giant enemy robots that were assaulting the Island, and are eventually evacuated to the Space Fortress after the catastrophic space fold operation, that took it, Macross Island and some of the surrounding ocean somewhere in the orbit of Pluto at the edge of our Solar System. For what ever personal reasons the 5 compatriots have entered military service together and are just now graduating from the Robotech Academy on board the SDF-1. They are now Space Qualified Naval Aviators. They will be flying the elite of the Robotech mecha: The Veritech or “Valkyrie” Fighter.


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