Selena Ripper

Corporal Space Qualified Naval Aviator


Above average Intelligence, willpower and charisma. Average strength, amazing dexterity, and average endurance, looks and running.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5’9"

Weight: 48kg

Land of Origin: Moon Base

Birth Order: Second of two

Disposition: Confident, no need to brag

Kills: 10 Assists: 3
Fighter Pod: 4
Tactical Pod: 6


Selena was an Engineering student at Macross U when the Zentradi attacked. Her father was an Engineer on Moon Base Alpha (MBA), Donald Ripper (British) and her mother Caterine Soon (Australian) was CEO of a supplies contrator to MBA. Selena’s older sister, Lizanne is a Robotech Engineer assigned to Dr Emil Lang aboard the SDF-1.

Currently involved romantically with Sylus Nemian, Marine Cpt and lead pilot of a MAC-II Monster. First kiss was during blitzkrieg

Currently AWOL after the events in 09 Wedding Day

Selena Ripper

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