Ric Hunter

Main protaganist of Saga


The signature figure of the Robotech saga, Rick Hunter’s journey begins when he arrives at Macross Island for the SDF-1’s launching. Rick seizes the opportunity to upstage a Veritech demonstration team, much to the chagrin of his best friend and mentor, Roy Fokker. Rick’s love affair with flight began when he watched his father and Roy blaze the skies in vintage planes. As soon as he was able, Rick takes to the cockpit and became the world’s premiere amateur pilot, winning championships eight years in a row. Rick toured the world as main attraction in his father Mitchell “Pop” Hunter’s Flying Circus.

Pulled into combat over Macross Island, he witnesses firsthand the terror of the Zentraedi threat to Earth. Also during the course of the battle, Rick has his first encounters with both Lynn Minmei and Lisa Hayes, two women who will have a dramatic effect on his life. He is Initially reluctant to join the Robotech Defense Force, but has a change of heart and quickly becomes one of the SDF-1’s top Veritech pilots. The relentless battles with the Zentraedi exact a damaging toll on all involved and Rick is no exception. Painfully aware of his own mortality, Rick Hunter matures quickly and fights courageously to defend the SDF-1 and most importantly, those he cares about.

Rick Hunter’s had more than his share of extraordinary exploits as a veritech fighter pilot. In his first combat action, he was the first RDF pilot to survive an encounter inside a Zentraedi battlecruiser. Later, in battle over Mars, Rick’s daring rescue of Lisa Hayes earned him the Titanium Medal, as well as command of his own fighter group. Against all odds, he was able to lead his fighter group in a successful reconnaissance mission against the Zentraedi that gained valuable data on Earth’s enemies.

After being shot down and seriously wounded in action, Rick finds himself thrust into Roy Fokker’s role in command of the Skull Squadron. Reluctantly, he embraces the increased burdens of leadership and nonetheless emerges as a renowned and respected commander.

At the end of the First Robotech War, Rick commands the Skull Squadron in many skirmishes against renegade Zentraedi. Later, he is among the leaders of the Pioneer Mission to find the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Its intention was to avert another war by confronting the threat before it arrived on Earth. Following the Invid Invasion, now-Admiral Hunter regroups the Robotech Expeditionary Forces and coordinates the campaign to retake the Earth. However, during the final battle (in 2044), Rick Hunter’s flagship, the SDF-3 never materialized from its final hyperspace fold disappears without a trace. At the end of the Third Robotech War, the legendary Robotech hero’s whereabouts are unknown.

First Appearance: Episode 1 – “Boobytrap”



Birthdate: 1990 Height: 175cm Weight: 58kg Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Dark Brown

Ric Hunter

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