Corporal Alexander "Animal" Foyle

Corporal Space Qualified Naval Aviator


Average intelligence, willpower, charisma and strength. Excellent dexterity, average endurance and below average looks. Average runner.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10"
Land of Origin: United Kingdom
Birth Order: Second of two
Disposition: Chaffs that he is stuck flying Veritechs, would much prefer to be in charge of either the Daedelus or Promethus.


Alexander is compact, stocky with black hair and blue eyes and is the younger of two sons to Mary and Alexander Foyle Snr. Unfortunately Alexander’s (never Alex) elder brother, Lawrence Foyle, died during the Global Civil War.

Alexander comes from a very long line of Naval offices stretching all the way back to Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758–1805), if it can be believed. Alexander feels that he is meant for much more then flying Veritechs and looks for any opportunity to move into Fleet.

That said Alexander is a very straight laced individual and will never shirk his duty, as much as it galls him to be stuck with a bunch of Jar Heads, he will get the job done in the British Way.

Alexander is currently MIA after the Zentradi attack during 09 Wedding Day

Corporal Alexander "Animal" Foyle

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