Robotech: Macross Saga

09. Wedding Day

Someone's getting married

Nikolai and Niambe tie the knot in a ceremony presided over by Cpt. Henry Gloval himself. Shortly after they newly wed couple kiss the Zentradi launch an attack and everyone scrambles for action stations.

After a field promotion during the Mars sortie Nikolai leads his fire team in the defence of the SDF-1 with the other members of the 71st VFS.

In the aftermath of the attack our valient Veritech pilots return to help the cleanup in Macross city after a new type of Zentradi Power Armor was able to breach the outer defences and wreck havok inside the space fortress.

Nikolai heads to the hospital to help with the wounded and shortly after arriving is confronted with his wife Niambe lying on a gurnie in desperate need of attention and beside her, little Britanny Vorn Schrek in a similar condition.



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