Robotech: Macross Saga

05. Mars Attacks

Bye-Bye Mars

Previously on Robotech

RnR Big Vollyball championship where our heroes narrolly came back from an initial 13-0 to finish 19-20 Vs their rival from the first episode.

Prelude to Mars

Our heroes find themselves in a gigantic furball engulfing the SDF-1. They are all at half MDC, Half Ammo for the GU-11 and only 2 missiles left each. The battle has been going on for hours now with no sign of abating.

Minmei’s Invitation

Everyone gets an invite to Minmei’s Sixteenth birthday party for next week.

Mars Debrief

The Veritechs must protect the supply line as the SDF-1 replenishes her supplies from Mars Base Serra. A Company of Destroids, including two MAC II Monsters, will form a corridor from the supplies depot to the Daedelus. It is the Veritechs job to secure the base before the Destroids arrive. Therefore the Veritechs will launch from their usual places onboard either the SDF-1 or the Prometheus, fly to Serra Base, transform to Guardian mode, recce the area and finally transform to Battloid mode and secure the base.

h2.Disturbance in G-Sector

After the base has been secured 1 team will be sent to investigate a disturbance in G-Sector. When they arrive they will have to make a successful Read Sensory Instruments roll to find a human hiding behind some creates. It’s is a female civilian from the SDF-1 who has managed to commandeer a jeep and EVA suit. All in the Team must make an Intelligence roll now at -5 to see if they remember that they’ve seen this person before, if they make the roll someone may remember seeing “Trump” with this girl at some point, otherwise they don’t know who she is, only that she must be taken back to the SDF-1 and handed over to the MPs. As they are deciding what to do Kyron attacks.

Mars Attacks

The players are able to call on an Artillery Strike from the MAC II Monsters if they make a Read Sensory Instruments and Radio Basic roll. If they succeed then the MAC II (Selina’s Boyfriend) will fire directly on the targets if they fail they may get caught in the blast, and an NPC will die. After the MAC II has fired, Kyron will concentrate his fire on the Artillery units with his Heavy Artillery Pods, this causes the MAC II to call in support from the Veritechs. They won’t be able to respond directly as they are pinned down themselves. The MAC II calls again for assistance. The players have a choice; they can run the gauntlet to the MAC II or stay where they are. If they run the gauntlet then another NPC will die.


Capt. Gloval give the order to retreat after heavy losses. The Veritechs must now protect the Destroids as they return to the Daedelus and at the same time draw the enemy onto the Base. To this end everyone will route through the centre of the base thereby drawing the maximum amount of enemy pods onto the base itself.



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