Robotech: Macross Saga

04. RnR

Previously on Robotech


[Interior of Zentradi Command Ship]

Breetai stands as usual in the confines of his command bubble aboard his massive command ship with his advisor the diminutive Exadore. They are studying footage of the Battle of Saturns Rings.

Exedore: “It seems perhaps milord that we have underestimated the resourcefulness of these micronians. Surely this tactic they used was born of desperation, but unfortunately it was supremely effective.”

Breetai: “Yes Exedore I must agree. At first I thought these micronians as nothing and certainly did not think they would give us this amount of trouble. But no matter, I am beginning to enjoy this game we are playing.”

A faceless Zentradi soldier appears before the commander on a large viewscreen in front of the replaying vision of the Daedelus smashing into the Zentradi Cruiser.

Zentreadi: “Lord Breetai, forgive me but Commander Zareen wishes to report.”

Breetai: “Ah yes Zareen, I had almost forgotten about him since being caught up with these micronians. Very well, put him on.”

Zentradi: “Yes My lord.”

The Zentradi’s face fades and is replace by that of Commander Zareen. Jet Black hair and light purple skin would look amusing to most humans if it were not for the stern and sharp features of that face. A raw puckered scar runs across his face from just above his nose, across his left eye and curling around his cheek to end just before his chin.

Breetai: “Ah Zareen have you been successful in your assignment?”

A wide sneer grows on that hard face.

Zareen: “Yes my lord. Most successful.”

After Saturn

It is a month after the Earth forces of the SDF-1’s first exciting victory against their relentless pursuers. The SDF-1 and her valiant crew are now half-way to Jupiter as they head back home to Earth. Things have been rather quite since the battle and this has lulled the crew into a slight sense of ease.

A four on four volleyball competion has been organised between the Veritech and Destroid pilots, namely Army & Marines Vs Navy & Spacy.



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