Robotech: Macross Saga

02. Graduation

The Long Wait, Transformation

Previously on Robotech

In our last episode Selinia, Alexander, Gabe, Donald and Nikolai met for the first time amid the short-lived festivities of the launch of the SDF-1 on Macross Island. Without warning the giant space cruiser fired it’s main gun, burning a long furrow straight through the island and continuing on into space to destroy two Alien Scout Ships entering Earth Orbit. This was the start of the First Robotech War! Amid the ensuing confusion our heroes manage to make their way to the shelters, whilst being chased by the giant enemy robots that were assaulting the Island, and are eventually evacuated to the Space Fortress after the catastrophic space fold operation, that took it, Macross Island and some of the surrounding ocean somewhere in the orbit of Pluto at the edge of our Solar System. For what ever personal reasons the 5 compatriots have entered military service together and are just now graduating from the Robotech Academy on board the SDF-1. They are now Space Qualified Naval Aviators. They will be flying the elite of the Robotech mecha: The Veritech or “Valkyrie” Fighter.



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